Blemish Be Free Salve

Yellow! So we are going to get down to the nitty gritty. When I joined Crossfit, I weighed 180lbs. Dealing with the Summer's that led up to this were physically unbearable. I missed wearing dresses and skirts but coverage was comfort so I had to find a routine that resulted in carrying around baby powder with me. You could've called me "Powder Pants". Later on when I committed to a healthier lifestyle, it involved daily dedication and LOTS of sweating and the Summer heat was against me. That's when the pain got worse and with three kids to take care of single-handedly that didn't fly with me- so I turned to my oils. A dear friend told me about this recipe and it saved my active lifestyle and

Hair Detangler Spray

Hey folks! Ever since I was a teenager and could do my own hair, I invested in a lot hair products that only weighed down and hurt my hair's natural created wave, texture and flow. I was born with wavy hair but after my first pregnancy my hair became straight, dry and full of static. I've also had my share of bleaching my rich black hair to death which made me think I would never see my full waves again. It wasn't until we had our second daughter who was born with beautiful bouncy curls that I began a new search for the best hair detangler. It had to provide nutrients for a healthy scalp, bring back shine and hair growth to repair the breakage while also benefitting our bodies absorption of




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