How our emotions effect us?

I don't know anyone out there who hasn't felt stress, anger, sadness or even a little joy. These emotions can play havoc on our bodies if we aren't careful. Here is a few oils and techniques you can use to balance those emotions. First let's talk about smells. Did you know that 93%-95% of all illnesses are caused by emotions?? Let’s explain how your sense of smell can help you remember past events, then we can go into illnesses. So just by smelling certain smells or your Young Living Essential Oils, you can be swept back to an awesome memory OR you may start remembering something NOT so fun. The not so good memories makes the smell of the oils a NOT so pleasing smell. It is known as an “em

What if your oils are out of stock?

There will come a day where you will need a particular oil and it will be out of stock. Don't look at this as a terrible thing. Rejoice in knowing that Young Living is such an honest company that they would rather throw away a product then give you something that does not meet their standards. ​ You will find a list of oils that do go out of stock often. Be sure to stock up on their counterparts if you love and can't live without them! Deep Relief: Panaway/Relieve It Melaleuca: Palo Santo/Melrose Myrrh: Mountain Savory Sclaressence: Clary Sage Breathe Again: RC/Blue Eucalyptus Valor: Highest Potential/Harmony Stress Away: Tranquil Blue Tansy: German or Roman Chamomile Melissa: Lemon Myrtle L

Black Plague

You ever wonder how the plague stopped destroying the folks in the 16th century?




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