Truth Revealed: Why your DIET does NOT work!

One size fits all is probably one of the biggest lies of today. It doesn't work for shoes, clothing, medical treatment, and that goes for diets as well. The human body comes in many shapes, colors, and blood types, so to think that there is one diet to rule them all is nieve at best. There are many diets trending nowadays all claiming to be the one that is most suited for perfect health and that may be true for the person recommending it, but not necessarily is it perfect for the person they are recommending it to. For instance, a vegan diet may be what a person suffering from diabetes may need for their body to heal, but a person with cancer may need a ketogenetic diet. One may feel amazing

Where to start to improve your health?

I heard a great speaker (Dr. Carla Green) talk about this and it made so much sense to me I just had to share it with you. The first step, to improving your health, is to know exactly what items you need to stay healthy. Here is the list of recommended items to keep your health above the wellness line: Our body will replenish itself every 7 years. If we can view ourselves as a large table, there are a few things that we need to make sure we have in order to support our ever changing "table". Every table has 4 legs and a top, right? Let us go through each one of these parts to explain the importance of each! 1. Leg #1 - Ningxia Red: (antioxidant) Ningxia Red contains the puree from the Ningxi




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