The Birthing Experience Part 1

Hospital, Center, or Home? Telling someone nowadays that your baby was born at home gets you the same look as if you had just announced you do not have a refrigerator. The responses range from “I wish I could, but my family would never allow it.” to “Oh my goodness! Why would you do that! Don’t you know how dangerous that is?!” It’s funny how our society has become so dependent on the medical establishment that we can’t even conceive of a natural bodily function occurring without the constant aid of a doctor. As if every baby born is automatically in jeopardy and it is by the grace of the OBGYN faculty that the child survives the process. We’ve forgotten that the medical system we have today

Deadly Cleaning

Cleanliness is close to Godliness, so all bacteria should be exterminated with highly toxic chemicals, right? The stronger the smell, the cleaner it is, right? In reality, what your doing to keep your home clean may actually be harming you and your family. People talk about the harmful effects of car exhaust and city smog, but in all actuality one of the worst places for your health is in your own home. Indoor air quality is 6 to 7X more toxic than the outdoors. This is not a surprise due to the 85,000 chemicals that have been created since WWI and most of them can be found in our homes. The people who handle and package these chemicals have to wear hazmat suits, (that’s how dangerous they a




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