Hair Detangler Spray

Hey folks! Ever since I was a teenager and could do my own hair, I invested in a lot hair products that only weighed down and hurt my hair's natural created wave, texture and flow. I was born with wavy hair but after my first pregnancy my hair became straight, dry and full of static. I've also had my share of bleaching my rich black hair to death which made me think I would never see my full waves again. It wasn't until we had our second daughter who was born with beautiful bouncy curls that I began a new search for the best hair detangler. It had to provide nutrients for a healthy scalp, bring back shine and hair growth to repair the breakage while also benefitting our bodies absorption of products. So I took a chance with this recipe and it word for it. To preserve freshness you may keep it in the fridge.

If you are ready to commit to restoring your scalps health once and for all, I recommend using Young Living's Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo & Conditioner, found here

If you experience trouble with knotty hair, I suggest a satin pillow cover- it works wonders and helps clear up blemishes too! Now onto the recipe!

Yield 16oz

-3 tbsp Aloe Vera gel-

-4 tsp Vegetable Glycerin-

-8 drops Apricot Oil-

-4 drops Frankincense

-4 drops Geranium

-4 drops Cedarwood

-4 drops Lavender

-6 drops Rosemary (promotes hair growth)


-8oz Rose water-

-Filtered water- I use water from my Brita filter

-16oz Glass Spray Bottle-

You may also add in other oils, such as Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, Joy and Peace & Calming for the kiddos, and yourself of course

Add all of these ingredients into your bottle, fill the rest of the way with distilled/filtered water, swirl and you are good to go have beautiful, healthy and strong hair!

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