What if your oils are out of stock?

There will come a day where you will need a particular oil and it will be out of stock. Don't look at this as a terrible thing. Rejoice in knowing that Young Living is such an honest company that they would rather throw away a product then give you something that does not meet their standards.

You will find a list of oils that do go out of stock often. Be sure to stock up on their counterparts if you love and can't live without them!

  • Deep Relief: Panaway/Relieve It

  • Melaleuca: Palo Santo/Melrose

  • Myrrh: Mountain Savory

  • Sclaressence: Clary Sage

  • Breathe Again: RC/Blue Eucalyptus

  • Valor: Highest Potential/Harmony

  • Stress Away: Tranquil

  • Blue Tansy: German or Roman Chamomile

  • Melissa: Lemon Myrtle

  • Ledum: GLF

  • Wintergreen: Palo Santo/Dorado Azul

  • Grapefruit: Tangerine

  • Clove: Cassia/Ocotea

  • Lady Sclerol: Clary Sage

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