How our emotions effect us?

I don't know anyone out there who hasn't felt stress, anger, sadness or even a little joy. These emotions can play havoc on our bodies if we aren't careful. Here is a few oils and techniques you can use to balance those emotions. First let's talk about smells.

Did you know that 93%-95% of all illnesses are caused by emotions?? Let’s explain how your sense of smell can help you remember past events, then we can go into illnesses.

So just by smelling certain smells or your Young Living Essential Oils, you can be swept back to an awesome memory OR you may start remembering something NOT so fun. The not so good memories makes the smell of the oils a NOT so pleasing smell. It is known as an “emotional need” if your oil smells rancid or foul.

Second thing we need to talk about is what happens to your body when you bury the emotions?

If you do not feel an emotion to its FULLEST potential, it will then start to "rot" in your body setting you up for all kinds of organ failure, pain and heart ache. For example; anger lives in our liver. There has been cases where people have developed Cirrhosis and they have never drank a drop in their lives.

How do we fix these emotional issues?

It’s hard to fix an issue or emotion if you’re not held accountable for it, so I go to group support every week to work on my screw-ups. There is over 27,000 Celebrate Recoveries around the world and they are NOT just for addicts. They are for ANYONE with a hurt, habit or hang up that needs help and prayer. This is a Christian based group and these folks have become my second family. Oils, herbs, meditation all work if you have the foundation of GOD to help you heal. There is also a program called AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) that can help you walk through some emotions or thoughts that seem to be stuck. You will use certain oils to help you have a memory release. Once you are able to fill the hidden emotion to the fullest you will find true freedom! We do have a certified AFT tech on our team, so if this is something you are interested in doing please let us know! Book a session!

Young Living has the Feelings kit that comes with the following oils:

Valor, Inner Child, Present Time, Release, Joy & Harmony

If you are looking to help you release buried emotions and move on; I would definitely get this kit. Be sure to contact your leader to help you get started on this journey! References: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die - Karol K Truman

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils - Daniel Macdonald

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils - Carolyn L. Mein, D.C.

Essential Oils Desk Reference - Life Science Publishers

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