Where to start to improve your health?

I heard a great speaker (Dr. Carla Green) talk about this and it made so much sense to me I just had to share it with you. The first step, to improving your health, is to know exactly what items you need to stay healthy. Here is the list of recommended items to keep your health above the wellness line:

Our body will replenish itself every 7 years. If we can view ourselves as a large table, there are a few things that we need to make sure we have in order to support our ever changing "table". Every table has 4 legs and a top, right?

Let us go through each one of these parts to explain the importance of each!

1. Leg #1 - Ningxia Red: (antioxidant)

Ningxia Red contains the puree from the Ningxia wolfberry, a berry harvested in Northern China high in fiber and protein (it’s protein content is approximately 13%). The Wolfberry also contains all the essential amino acids, is high in antioxidants, and is the HIGHEST whole food source of potassium. Young Living is also unique in that we use the ENTIRE berry—the seeds, juice, peel, and fruit—to ensure that we offer a product that contains an optimal blend of ALL of it’s amazing nutrients. Also it offers a wide variety of antioxidants and phytonutrients, which is what makes it different than many other antioxidant drinks on the market (another added difference is that it contains essential oils-- Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine). This balanced approach to antioxidant supplementation is why so many people experience energy, vitality, and vigor when they start using this product.

2. Leg #2 - Omegagize: (brain and heart health) Omegagize combines the power of three core daily supplements-omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D-3 (950IU), and CoQ10 (ubiquinone). These supplements combine with our proprietary enhancement essential oil blend to create an omega-3, DHA-rich fish oil supplement that may support general wellness. Used daily these ingredients work synergistically to support normal brain, heart, eye, and joint health.

3. Leg #3 - Essentialzymes-4: (gives us nutrients from food we eat)

Essentialzymes-4 is a multienzyme complex formulated to aid the proper digestion of dietary fats, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates, promoting optimal nutrient absorption.

4. Leg #4 - Life 9: (probiotic)

Life 9 is a proprietary, high-potency probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains that promotes healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for overall support of a healthy immune system.

5. Table Top - Super Cal Plus:

There are plenty of calcium supplements you can choose from, but Super Cal Plus was created to offer more than just calcium and minerals—it is a true bone-health supplement. With a synergistic blend of bioavailable calcium, magnesium, vitamins D and K, and other trace minerals, Super Cal Plus supports the structure, integrity, and density of bones and teeth. Plus, adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life as part of a well-balanced diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

How long should you do these vitamins? According to Dr. Green, "Take them as long as you're breathing." Seems simple enough, right? It really truly is! Start here today and see how much your health improves just from supporting the organs that run the whole system.

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